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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
comment passing through  02/26/2012  Excellent work!! Keep AMG alive and kicking!   
Comment Ariel  03/27/2012  Loved the book. Please keep up the good work   
comment RayRen_1  04/07/2012  Just found this book, looks great! Can't wait to read it all   
comment book 2 Storm_Surge  5/12/2012  Ready for the betas for book 2 . . .   They send on the 20th 
comment NeurOmia  5/08/2012  Just saw the GEOGRAPHY page - HOLY COW! Tell me when you meet Belldandy!   
comment Tomoya  5/25/2012  Hadn't seen the old place in a while. The geography pages look great. Now we know where they really are! Of course now so do the demons . . .   I think they've been ahead of me for awhile now - 
comment Hewit11  5/29/2012  Let me at my congrats - truly great work man.   
comment Zumi  06/15/2010  Book2 info please?  First 6 chapters go to the betas August 1. General release for Christmas. 
comment Astro_mai  6/28/2012  Loved the book, heard next one focuses on problems/ True?  Definitely some issues to be resolved there. . . 
comment Astro_mai  6/29/2012  Does Urd's story go on? (sniff!)  Yes, but Belldandy, Keiichi and Lind are a major focus. Urd's continuing story is a big part of book 3. 
comment - art Neko_manga  7/11/2012  Please look at the sketches sent to the Jacobs account  Will do. 
comment on TH Gemmini  7/16/2012  Your book was really great. But did it change format. When I downloaded another copy for a friend recently it seemed to have changed.  No, Readers are always catching minor typos which we collect and correct in one shot every so often. 
comment Recca  8/01/2012  Thanks for the chapters, of book 2!!! It made my day.  Thanks, keep us honest on punctuation! 
comment Zero_no_tachi  09/04/2012  Thanks for the betas of book 2 - how far do they go?  Chapter 5 as of October - sorry lag in response 
comment ThreadLine  09/16/2012  Really enjoyed the book, thank you!   
comment Omibus_breago  09/28/2012  Can't get enought of book 2 but - when will the whole thing be released?  Umm - June.... 
comment YukiTano  10/5/2012  Thanks so much. The Twilight Hour is my favorite fanfic of all time!    
comment ZenZenMao  10/16/2012  Site for the new chapters of book 2?  Only the betas have them now. Sent to email address if you want -  
comment Urup_N_Flms  10/21/2012  Long live the crazy goddess power!!!   
comment Tanoshan  1/2/2013  A very rewarding book. Thank you!   
comment Oduran_zatsu  1/12/2013  Great work, I love how it weaves together threads we already know about these characters with new and interesting elements of their lives. Looking forward to the next segment.   Appreciate the comment. 
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