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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
comment Jacobs  11/26/2010  Jacobs to all: It is done at last! A sincere thanks to all my betas, particularly Amicus, Recca, Ren and Arcender!  Future news as it develops! 
comment AsithernAX  12/07/2010  Just dropping a note to say I love the work. Some questions but I'll post those to disc. Later.   
comment Mojo Koko  12/10/2010  Cool and romantic. FINALLY Urd's in the hands of someone whose is her match :)    
comment Pebblz_76  12/15/2010  Killer story, Once it gets going it never looks back. Great to see a story where Keiichi has some backbone.   
comment Kasukan Jero  12/17/2010  Awsome! Excellent work.   
comment AlumzeraA  01/09/2011  Had to read the book I've been hearing about around the boards - COOL!   
comment EZSuma22  01/11/2011  Ah loving this fanfic, serious but not overly dark/morbid (which a few seem to be nowdays). A great book about everything OMG. Thanks!   
comment Oduran_MinorA  01/12/2011  Loved Urd wandering above the beach - Hoping there is much more to come!   
comment Hajime241  01/14/2011  Hands down the best OMG story out there. Great stuff!  Thanks 
comment Trichromium_beta  02/25/2011  Loved the book! Hope you follow through on the promise to continue Lind's story   
comment Anarin 345  3/02/2011  REALLY WELL DONE (but still tender...) Thanks soooo much!!!   
comment Mekkafore  02/19/2011  This truly does justice to the tradition of OMG - good work!   
comment JerZee  03/31/2011  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!   
comment RainFilter0  05/07/2011  Just realised how much I there still is to know about OMG. Thanks a ton. Keep it up the good work!!!   
comment BlackKurron  05/11/2011  Great to see Urd go for her own piece of happiness. You've been doing a great job writing it. I like their place on the coast.   
comment DramalKittyCon  05/15/2001  A great AMG story. Sad but happy like the original. Does it continue?  Slowly . . . 
comment Katz  05/21/2011  I can just see Urd standing on the shore looking out to sea in the storm. Great!   
comment StarreEyed  07/09/2011  So this is where the Keiichi and the gang have been hanging out. TOO COOL!   
comment DoubleDownZ  07/15/2011  Started reading a friend's PDF, now picking up the final version to run . . . but I love it already!!!  happy trailz . . . 
comment Danielle  04/30/2011  I finally finished reading this and I absolutely love it : ) I can't wait to read more fanfics by you,   
comment SojournKeeper  07/24/2011  Urd has finally come into her own - and it's GREAT to see. A book that truely feels the reality of the OMG world. May it continue to grow . . .   
comment TerrorAmmo!  08/26/2011  Loved the book, good to see Urd get her own piece of happiness   
comment Usaro2125  10/19/2011  Been slowly reading this for a few days now and I absolutely love it .   
comment NoSeeUm alpha  10/14/2011  A well written interesting story, both serious and comical in part with the orginal. At the same time I liked the edgier feel of the book. These people definitely have things to both look out and fight for.   
comment Hewitt21  11/10/2011  I have been away from FanFiction lately but I started reading again when I saw this. Good stuff!   
comment IceCoreAlpha  11/13/2011  FINALLY!!! A more dark book where Urd some serious hapinness (Keiichi too)   
comment Tachibana  01/05/2012  Need beta for the next book?  I'll get them together in the spring. 
comment Suki roll  01/14/2012  Beautiful book. Heart-warming and heart-wrenching in equal measure   
comment Black_Arrow  02/04/2012  Nice work. I look forward to more of this story.   
comment Bilbaobarrow  02/22/2012  Great work, loved the climatic scenes at the end. Possible to subscribe for updates?  Send to email address below and we'll put you on the list 
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