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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
book Nekoban sama  5/22/ 2010  Just finished the pre-release chapter!! It's definitely the REAL DEAL!!! What date for release of the WHOLE BOOK?  S.J. - May 1 
book Ren_seiko  5/6/2010  What's with the _v150 in the book file? It didn't used to have that.  S.J. - It's a latter version. v370 (last page) will mean all edits 'complete' . 
book amicus curiae  6/16/2010  Glad to see the final version is up - been waiting for it!   
book Recca   6/16/2010  Yaaah, the book is HERE!   
book Recca  7/03/2010  Just finished the book. Loved it! Waiting for others to finish to discuss it. GREAT WORK. Posted a review at fanfic and absolute anime+suki. All for now . . .  Thanks for comments 
book Aguron  7/5/2010  An excellent book, thanks for the great work.   
book amicus curiae  7/20/2010  I see that the current version of the book is now v370a. Comments?  There was some minor rewording of the evening that Takumi gives Urd a 'gift' 
book Kai Ronin  8/03/2010  Loved this story - love, intrigue, and action - a lesson in realizing what's important in life.  Thank you for comment 
book sen kobayashi  8/04/2010  Finished the book! TOTALLY COOL - it was really worth it. I feel I know Urd as a person now. Nice work.   
book Luk_52  10/15/2010  Just wanted to add my words to those given above. Great work, loved the characters. Thanks  Apologies to posts which were not promptly pushed. Life intrudes sometimes. 
book Bedda_Moko  25/10/2010  Book keeps true to the Fujishima's original spirit of the manga, and that's what keeps it jucy. Nice work indeed!   
book Tamako Aura  11/22/2010  Great piece of F-fiction. Filled in several aspects of the story that was really needed. Loved the way the characters played off each other and how their arcs flowed to the conclusion. One of the few I’ve enjoyed recently. Keep up the good work!   
book final Arcender  11/26/2010  Good to see all the final tweaks!   
book Talos25  11/29/2010  Just found this site and picked up the book ... looks most excellent!   
book Bitalen_Zero  11/12/2010  At a story that keeps it real for OMG!    
book Soho82  01/07/2011  Great work!   
book SelenaBlueOmi  01/04/2011  Just picked up the book, looks very interesting . . .   
book Tokira Remus  3/08/2011  Still in the foothills of this book - but I have high hopes for it. Hope we see you at AnimeNorth  maybe . . . 
book comment Kenshin  2/14/2011  Site not the easiest to find, but I got the book. Thank you very much!   
book DarkStarling  02/22/2011  Though I don't usually comment on such things, I have to say your book give me hope.   
book (and look?) Drannix and Orange-Maku   03/14/2011  Word on fic-author's site is that you will be at AnimeNorth+discussions on next fic. True?  Yeah, it's a thought. 
book Ayano-kun  03/02/2011  I finally got around to reading this FANTASTIC FIC! HOPE IT CONTINUES... (looks like maby it does?)   
book Nora_Kagura  04/18/2011  OMG forever!!! Never let them go - Great work - many thanks.   
book GreenRail7  05/25/2011  One of the best Oh My Goddess! fan fictions I've ever read. Eagerly awaiting any new additions . . .   To all commenting: I've been bad, but now I've updated all comments. Sorry about the delay. 
book Azureman_K  06/17/2011  FINALLY! A book the revives all things wonderful about OMG. I forgot how much I loved these characters. Thanks for reminding me!   
book BadBarkyMark  06/21/2011  It took some energy to tackle this beast, but it was well worth the effort. I like worlds that build slowly - and this one was whole and complete. Thanks for putting it up . . .   
book Monnumery  06/28/2011  Just looking into its pages now . . . Looks very interesting :) :) :)   
book CodeMonkey5  07/21/2011  Good to see people taking good care of the OMG family. Respect . . .    
book Miyano_no_kaze  04/25/2011  OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BOOK! IT JUST HAS TO BE FATTENING. GOOD JOB!!!   
book NeurOmia  09/16/2011  For those who know the story - this book says alot! hehe . . .   
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