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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
comment Morodashin  8/16/2010  This fic is REALLY good and I can't wait to read more. I posted to Fanfiction as well You have really well written chapters with a brilliant story line.    
Comment RulaxineZ  8/26/2010  Really liked this cool piece of fanfic and its characters. Thank you.   
comment zen_bonne  8/28/2010  Liked the ending, can't wait for a sequel! Awesome!   
comment Satsukura  08/31/2010  Like the site - and the book. Nice Job! Please keep the story alive...   
HEY! Arcender  09/01/2010  I heard from someone there is a NEW version coming out? What's up with that??  Yes! It will be out Friday Sept. 2nd I believe. Just a bit of gramatical tweeking from by beta's 
comment Lerousse24  10/01/10  Really enjoying reading this book, but also hope you keep the reworked updates coming. Can I make a plea to keep up this interesting series?   
Hello Tessarosa  09/28/10  Been keeping up with this through Fanfic but now I see the whole thing here. I love how the last chapters seemed to be winding down then EXPLODED. Thank you for the great OMG work!   
comment Poyo_no_Benten  10/03/10  Just want to say I apreciate the serious love that went into this. Please post if you have any more. Respect.   
book Luk_52  10/15/2010  Just wanted to add my words to those given above. Great work, loved the characters. Thanks  Apologies to posts which were not promptly pushed. Life intrudes sometimes. 
comment BranchPointA  10/18/2010  Midterms are over and I finally finished the book. Wonderful. Great deep and twisted. Just like Urd herself. Hope you keep the flow going.   
comment Wazerin  21/10/2010  Just when I'd lost all hope in Fanfics - THIS BABY SHOWS UP! GRRREAT! Many thanks.   
book Bedda_Moko  25/10/2010  Book keeps true to the Fujishima's original spirit of the manga, and that's what keeps it jucy. Nice work indeed!   
comment Red Asura  11/07/2010  Re-read the update and it was great, enjoyed it very much. Finally posted to fanfic to let others know about this unique book.   
book Tamako Aura  11/22/2010  Great piece of F-fiction. Filled in several aspects of the story that was really needed. Loved the way the characters played off each other and how their arcs flowed to the conclusion. One of the few I’ve enjoyed recently. Keep up the good work!   
comment Erazin25  11/24/2010  Loved how you integrated the physics of the OMG and natural world Hope to reach the conclusion soon!   
comment Jacobs  11/26/2010  Jacobs to all: It is done at last! A sincere thanks to all my betas, particularly Amicus, Recca, Ren and Arcender!  Future news as it develops! 
book final Arcender  11/26/2010  Good to see all the final tweaks!   
And it is done... Amicus  11/26/2010  A pleasure to participate   
Next? Recca  11/26/2010  I see you decided to leave all the Lind arc for the next book - solidly done I'd say  I think it plays better that way 
book Talos25  11/29/2010  Just found this site and picked up the book ... looks most excellent!   
book Bitalen_Zero  11/12/2010  At a story that keeps it real for OMG!    
comment AsithernAX  12/07/2010  Just dropping a note to say I love the work. Some questions but I'll post those to disc. Later.   
comment Mojo Koko  12/10/2010  Cool and romantic. FINALLY Urd's in the hands of someone whose is her match :)    
comment Pebblz_76  12/15/2010  Killer story, Once it gets going it never looks back. Great to see a story where Keiichi has some backbone.   
comment Kasukan Jero  12/17/2010  Awsome! Excellent work.   
CharmBlink  12/19/2010  Heard about the book at MOMOCon, finally getting to it, looks good...   
book Soho82  01/07/2011  Great work!   
book SelenaBlueOmi  01/04/2011  Just picked up the book, looks very interesting . . .   
comment AlumzeraA  01/09/2011  Had to read the book I've been hearing about around the boards - COOL!   
comment EZSuma22  01/11/2011  Ah loving this fanfic, serious but not overly dark/morbid (which a few seem to be nowdays). A great book about everything OMG. Thanks!   
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