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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
comment Tokubara775  5/21/2010  Just starting . . . but what I've read so far is pure evil genius . . .   
comment Seeker  5/22/2010  AWSOME. A must read for ALL OMG fans.   
book Nekoban sama  5/22/ 2010  Just finished the pre-release chapter!! It's definitely the REAL DEAL!!! What date for release of the WHOLE BOOK?  S.J. - May 1 
comment Sigurd04  5/22/2010  A novel that delves deep into all things sad wonderous and beautiful about the OMG universe. Thank you. P.S - I always knew there was far more to URD than met the eye.   
comment Seikuban_Kibo  5/20/2010  Great! I though it started off slow but now I'm really getting into it. Can't wait to see what happens next!   
book Ren_seiko  5/6/2010  What's with the _v150 in the book file? It didn't used to have that.  S.J. - It's a latter version. v370 (last page) will mean all edits 'complete' . 
book amicus curiae  6/16/2010  Glad to see the final version is up - been waiting for it!   
book Recca   6/16/2010  Yaaah, the book is HERE!   
comment amicus curiae  6/23/2010  Recca - I'm at "Light" Let me just say you are in for one wild ride. Truly a great story, that 's why I'm telling folks I know.   
comment Recca  6/23/2010  Read the first few chapters, loved the part with the scapula!. Didn't see how it was an OMG novel at first but now I see it - Beautiful. Where is everyone else in this? (spoiler safe)  S.J. - good point, please keep it spoiler clean, thanks. 
comment sen kobayashi  6/23/2010  I'm at: 'Northern Departure' , deep into it now . . .   
comment Tachibana  6/23/2010  close to you recca - "Second visit to Jufukuji"    
comment Seeker  6/23/2010  Now you've started it Recca . . . I'm at - Seaside Residence   
comment Sigurd04  6/23/2010  I feel left out - Wind and Fire . . . and it is GOOD!   
book Recca  7/03/2010  Just finished the book. Loved it! Waiting for others to finish to discuss it. GREAT WORK. Posted a review at fanfic and absolute anime+suki. All for now . . .  Thanks for comments 
comment Neccotyro  7/4/2010  Read it, finished it, Loved it! Now I just need to make my slow-ass friends finish so we can talk about it.   
comment Recca  7/4/2010  Finished and posted to Fanfic and absolute anime: Normally I'm satisfied if a book has two or three really great scenes. There must be at least ten in this crazy thing!    
book Aguron  7/5/2010  An excellent book, thanks for the great work.   
comment Sigurd04  7/5/2010  Recca - my favorite part is where Urd and Keiichi's talk on the beach . . .   
comment Storm_angel  07/11/2010  Just finished . . . Truly awsome, I really loved it   
comment Synstat1  7/15/2010  Just finished. A truly beautiful piece of work. I loved it. Is there more? Do they go on?  They go on, but the next book is not due until 2011. 
comment Ryuuchi  7/14/2010  I really dug this Goddess story. Do you take reviews?  The structure now isn't really set up for that. Some have emailed that they send posts to Absolute anime and Fanfiction, so you may want to post there. 
comment Tachibana  7/20/2010  A bit behind on my reading but I just finished the book and it was everything my netmates said it would be. I can't seem to post my review. Suggestions?  Tachibana, probably current space limitation on field. For now try Abs. anime or 
book amicus curiae  7/20/2010  I see that the current version of the book is now v370a. Comments?  There was some minor rewording of the evening that Takumi gives Urd a 'gift' 
Thanks Arcender  7/21/2010  Just wanted to drop a note here and say I LOVED that book!   
comment northrey  7/27/2010  Picked up the first chapters on fanfiction which lead me here. Really loved the book. Hope you do more!   
comment Blue Revy  8/01/2010  I loved the book, it was Fantastic. I really hope the story continues. . .   
book Kai Ronin  8/03/2010  Loved this story - love, intrigue, and action - a lesson in realizing what's important in life.  Thank you for comment 
book sen kobayashi  8/04/2010  Finished the book! TOTALLY COOL - it was really worth it. I feel I know Urd as a person now. Nice work.   
comment Suzumi  08/11/2010  I Love this book. That says it all!   
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