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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
comment Oduran_MinorA  01/12/2011  Loved Urd wandering above the beach - Hoping there is much more to come!   
comment Hajime241  01/14/2011  Hands down the best OMG story out there. Great stuff!  Thanks 
OMG book Kaorin  02/02/2011  Found this great site from post on AbsoluteAnime. Is this the most current version posted here?  This is the place... 
comment Trichromium_beta  02/25/2011  Loved the book! Hope you follow through on the promise to continue Lind's story   
comment Anarin 345  3/02/2011  REALLY WELL DONE (but still tender...) Thanks soooo much!!!   
book Tokira Remus  3/08/2011  Still in the foothills of this book - but I have high hopes for it. Hope we see you at AnimeNorth  maybe . . . 
book comment Kenshin  2/14/2011  Site not the easiest to find, but I got the book. Thank you very much!   
comment Mekkafore  02/19/2011  This truly does justice to the tradition of OMG - good work!   
book DarkStarling  02/22/2011  Though I don't usually comment on such things, I have to say your book give me hope.   
book (and look?) Drannix and Orange-Maku   03/14/2011  Word on fic-author's site is that you will be at AnimeNorth+discussions on next fic. True?  Yeah, it's a thought. 
book Ayano-kun  03/02/2011  I finally got around to reading this FANTASTIC FIC! HOPE IT CONTINUES... (looks like maby it does?)   
To Jacobs Recca  03/20/2011  Friends in Japan OK?  Right now the most we can do is pray and forward our sincere condolences to the many thousands affected by this tragedy. For my friends Japan, all are presently accounted for save one in Rikuzentakata. 
comment JerZee  03/31/2011  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!   
New? amicus curiae   04/10/2011  Will any more of the new outline be available for Anime North?  Hmmm... 
book Nora_Kagura  04/18/2011  OMG forever!!! Never let them go - Great work - many thanks.   
comment RainFilter0  05/07/2011  Just realised how much I there still is to know about OMG. Thanks a ton. Keep it up the good work!!!   
comment BlackKurron  05/11/2011  Great to see Urd go for her own piece of happiness. You've been doing a great job writing it. I like their place on the coast.   
comment DramalKittyCon  05/15/2001  A great AMG story. Sad but happy like the original. Does it continue?  Slowly . . . 
comment Katz  05/21/2011  I can just see Urd standing on the shore looking out to sea in the storm. Great!   
book GreenRail7  05/25/2011  One of the best Oh My Goddess! fan fictions I've ever read. Eagerly awaiting any new additions . . .   To all commenting: I've been bad, but now I've updated all comments. Sorry about the delay. 
about the book FanFor Fun5  06/08/2011  Bell catching her sister making love . . . too much! Also loved how Hajiri got worked into the story. Many thanks   
thanks Sunset_Star  06/09/2011  Awesome fic, well done. Literally to Hell and back. Quite the emotional roller coaster :)   
book Azureman_K  06/17/2011  FINALLY! A book the revives all things wonderful about OMG. I forgot how much I loved these characters. Thanks for reminding me!   
book BadBarkyMark  06/21/2011  It took some energy to tackle this beast, but it was well worth the effort. I like worlds that build slowly - and this one was whole and complete. Thanks for putting it up . . .   
book Monnumery  06/28/2011  Just looking into its pages now . . . Looks very interesting :) :) :)   
comment StarreEyed  07/09/2011  So this is where the Keiichi and the gang have been hanging out. TOO COOL!   
comment DoubleDownZ  07/15/2011  Started reading a friend's PDF, now picking up the final version to run . . . but I love it already!!!  happy trailz . . . 
book CodeMonkey5  07/21/2011  Good to see people taking good care of the OMG family. Respect . . .    
book Miyano_no_kaze  04/25/2011  OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BOOK! IT JUST HAS TO BE FATTENING. GOOD JOB!!!   
comment Danielle  04/30/2011  I finally finished reading this and I absolutely love it : ) I can't wait to read more fanfics by you,   
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