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comment SojournKeeper  07/24/2011  Urd has finally come into her own - and it's GREAT to see. A book that truely feels the reality of the OMG world. May it continue to grow . . .   
A note Bentobox  08/12/2011  This is truly a great story - thanks.   
comment TerrorAmmo!  08/26/2011  Loved the book, good to see Urd get her own piece of happiness   
book NeurOmia  09/16/2011  For those who know the story - this book says alot! hehe . . .   
comment Usaro2125  10/19/2011  Been slowly reading this for a few days now and I absolutely love it .   
comment NoSeeUm alpha  10/14/2011  A well written interesting story, both serious and comical in part with the orginal. At the same time I liked the edgier feel of the book. These people definitely have things to both look out and fight for.   
drop in MechA2RRZ  11/03/2011  Cool and gripping, a beautifully realized world whole and complete unto itself. Please, please keep it going . . .    
comment Hewitt21  11/10/2011  I have been away from FanFiction lately but I started reading again when I saw this. Good stuff!   
comment IceCoreAlpha  11/13/2011  FINALLY!!! A more dark book where Urd some serious hapinness (Keiichi too)   
gen comment Miku_Yamato  12/15/2011  Merry Christmas Mr. Jacobs -wherever you are!   
comment Tachibana  01/05/2012  Need beta for the next book?  I'll get them together in the spring. 
comment Suki roll  01/14/2012  Beautiful book. Heart-warming and heart-wrenching in equal measure   
comment Black_Arrow  02/04/2012  Nice work. I look forward to more of this story.   
comment Bilbaobarrow  02/22/2012  Great work, loved the climatic scenes at the end. Possible to subscribe for updates?  Send to email address below and we'll put you on the list 
comment passing through  02/26/2012  Excellent work!! Keep AMG alive and kicking!   
upcoming Necotorum  03/09/2012  Will you be at the A.N. convention this year? Preview chapters for next book?  Yes and yes. 
upcoming 2 Recca  03/11/2012  Saw prior comment. I'm on the betas list. Can I get pre-release chapters as well. Is this post getting through.  Yes Recca thank you for the post. I'm just getting lazy on the public posts. 
upcoming Storm_angel  03/15/2012  Truly awsome news on the next book. Planned relase?  LATE fall, so may release in sections. 
Comment Ariel  03/27/2012  Loved the book. Please keep up the good work   
upcoming Sen Kobayashi  04/02/2012  Nice to hear the second book is coming along . . . we'll be looking forward to it.  It's a long story so it may take some time. 
comment RayRen_1  04/07/2012  Just found this book, looks great! Can't wait to read it all   
comment book 2 Storm_Surge  5/12/2012  Ready for the betas for book 2 . . .   They send on the 20th 
comment NeurOmia  5/08/2012  Just saw the GEOGRAPHY page - HOLY COW! Tell me when you meet Belldandy!   
geomap DarkSpringDay  5/12/2012  Those new geography pages are truly cool!   
comment Tomoya  5/25/2012  Hadn't seen the old place in a while. The geography pages look great. Now we know where they really are! Of course now so do the demons . . .   I think they've been ahead of me for awhile now - 
comment Hewit11  5/29/2012  Let me at my congrats - truly great work man.   
comment Zumi  06/15/2010  Book2 info please?  First 6 chapters go to the betas August 1. General release for Christmas. 
comment Astro_mai  6/28/2012  Loved the book, heard next one focuses on problems/ True?  Definitely some issues to be resolved there. . . 
comment Astro_mai  6/29/2012  Does Urd's story go on? (sniff!)  Yes, but Belldandy, Keiichi and Lind are a major focus. Urd's continuing story is a big part of book 3. 
comment - art Neko_manga  7/11/2012  Please look at the sketches sent to the Jacobs account  Will do. 
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