Where do Keiichi and Belldandy live?

Where is Tariki Hongan temple?

To what extent do the places in the series really exist?

I've had a fair number of these sorts of posts by now.    My response?

Well maybe we're not supposed to know (after all they need their privacy too).    Maybe it's all drawn from Mr. Fujishima's fertile imagination bearing no similarity to any real world location.   
On the other hand the structural precision of Fujishima's work is legendary - making people wonder (not a bad thing).    For those so inclined, there are indeed a number real-life locations tied to Oh My Goddess.   As to the temple, there are also several clues regarding its location.    But let's start with the simple stuff:

1. High end real estate attracts demons.   Just accept it.    If you're the owner of expensive real estate in greater Tokyo you should probably factor in demon insurance.    Don't believe me?   Neither did these guys.

2. Forget Chiba, OMG rolls Yokohama style.   Tired of searching old junk yards, bars, and ice cream shops in Chiba hoping to get a glimpse of your favorite OMG character? (Anyone - even Sayoko or Toshiyuki Aoishima at this point?)   Really?    - You need help!.    Fortunately the solutions' simple.    Just catch a ride to the other side of the bay to feel the cool Yokohama grift.    Arguably many of the most recognizable scenes of Oh My Goddess are situated in Yokohama.

3. If Bell and Keiichi aren't at the temple they're probably out walking in Yamashita Park.   But for god's sake don't go there!   Why?    Because it wrecks the isolated romantic mood required for almost every one of their walks (I don't know when they go there but based on experience it's probably not a Saturday).    And if they're not alone they won't kiss.    What?!    They haven't kissed a lot in the series anyway you say?    Of course not with you always watching them - making them nervous.    In fact you personally have probably already prevented them from kissing at least a dozen times.   How does that make you feel?    I hope you're happy with yourself.   Anyway, settings of Yamashita Park are used for a number key scenes throughout the series, whether it's strolling , meeting or cruising.    Yes the ferry in the series really does exist as well, passing under the Yokohama Bay Bridge at sunset.

4. Nice, but those places are all fairly recognizable in greater Tokyo.   What about the other elements of Oh My Goddess?    Do they exist?    Also, which makes for a better date location - aquarium or swimming pool?    Guess it depends on which you prefer, looking at scribbled tobies or goddesses in swimsuits . . . but more to the point.    Note: Because of its relative location it has been argued that the Yokohama International Swimming Pool is a better geographic fit for the pool shown in the series. However the one actually depicted is at Tokyo Summerland.

5. What about Skuld and Sentaro?    Is their meeting ground a real place?
Tokyo possesses miles of scenic river walks along its major tributaries, but their spot beside the Maruko-bashi separating Tokyo from Kanagawa is most definitely a real place.

6. Well what about Nekomi Tech?    Does that actually exist?!
As a matter of fact it does - as an esteemed institution of higher learning.

7. Now we're getting somewhere.    Tariki Hongan temple is located in the hills some distance from the University.    In the anime both rail lines and winding mountain roads connect Tariki Hongan to the University.    So where is the temple?
Yeah wouldn't you like to know.    Well we do mister!    And all it took was radio-tagging several thousand local birds.    At first we tried gluing cell phones to the their feet but we stopped - it just felt so wrong.    Seriously, have you ever seen a chickadee trying to fly hot glued to a . . . but I'm getting off track.   Our thought was that they'd seek out Belldandy's premium bird food, or singing voice, or whatever attracts birds in their free time.    Of course matching the visual geography didn't hurt either.   Once we got into the general area we started asking people / local bums we found if they'd seen anthing out of the ordinary.    It turns out in that area it doesn't help much.    So instead we started asking people if they'd seen any really beautiful women wandering around.    That seemed to be going somewhere until some stupid talking cat sent us off in the wrong direction . . . stupid talking cat . . .    Eventually we found what we were looking for.    But then a certain silver-haired someone suggested we get amnesia - or else.    So, under stormy skies we post the following:    There actually is no temple which matches all the aspects of Tariki Hongan Temple.    So don't even bother looking for it.    If however you should find yourself in the area someday, you might see few things you recognize.

8. Much like Yggdrasil itself, it's all in the manual.

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comment North Tower Blues  7/14/2012  I still can't beleive you found all these matches :)  The wonders of modern Geolocation 
comment Standing_wave  7/22/2012  Truly a thing of beauty - - - and book2?  General release of first 6 chapters by Christmas. 
comment Standing-wave  7/23/2012  THANK You!   
comment Lynn_Anne  7/28/2012  A great collection. I still want to search for the temple though . . .  You are not alone. There seem to be two camps however. We need to post a page to put everyone's evidence up. 
comment Jessie T.  8/06/2012  You mean eve the ferry is real? You had me at sexy goddesses ....   
comment Sazuma  8/07/2012  That is undeniably cool.   
comment JadedRedStar  8/10/2012  I just saw the matches! There freaking GREAT!!!   
comment Tokhoa  8/12/2012  They are real, they really are!!!  Whoa there . . . 
comment ZenZenMao  8/12/2012  Excellent!!!   
comment Yohimbo  08/24/2012  This site made my day!   
comment SanzuraBento  09/06/2012  I can't belive it , I've looked for this info for soooo long - now it's finally here! Great work (on the Ebook as well)   
comment Hopeful  09/20/2012  Any chance you have Peorth's home address?  yeah but it's in another dimension, the street numbering is all different . . . 
comment Shizo  10/02/2012  How in the !@#$ did you put all this together from?  I paid off Skuld . . . 
comment Blue_Sky_Drop  10/11/2012  This makes me want to watch the series all over again :)   
comment Confused1  10/14/2012  Is this the same site to get OMG: The Twilight Hour?  Click on Ebooks button below 
comment Nakamura  10/21/2012  A den of true Goddess knowledge!   
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