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Thread / topic Username Date Comment Other
Sorano Seikuban  5/17/2010  What does the name Sorano mean?  .. of the sky is one (very rough) interpretation 
scenes Recca  7/4/2010  Want to discuss fav scenes. . . . anyone?  Recca - good but give me a day to think of how to easily do the mask -SJ 
Scenes Amicus  7/4/2010  favorite scene -(no spoil.) 'burned but not gone', if you know what I mean . . .   
Scenes Setokiba  7/4/2010  Belldandy on the ridge . . . nice view   
scenes Tomya  7/5/2010  Urd running to the red maple before the party . . .   
scenes Recca  7/5/2010  Fav scenes - Keiichi and Urd talking in the shed, and Urd receiving her 'present'   
Scenes Northrey  07/27/2010  Favorite scene: When Urd gets the stone, and later when she finds him during obon   
Scene Little Suma  8/16/2010  Favorite line: Hey this isn't Sea World!    
Scenes Kilbano  8/17/2010  Yeah? Mine's where Takumi is all concerned about Urd's mother - The demons have you're MOTHER? LOL!   
Scenes Leyon of the gate  08/22/2010  Really loved that scene by the grave, definitely hope we see more of them.   
Scene contribution Tessdarosa  10/20/10  Urd coming to the gravesite to find Takumi made me cry   
Scenes Suzumi  10/21/10  Yeah Tessdarosa - I'll fess to that! Me too.   
Sorano Nekochan  09/04/2011  Is Sorano meant to be Lind's blood relative or rather a 'sister in the corp'  Blood relative 
scene Tomya  10/16/2011  I felt the same way when she put her arms around the sphere (with relief!)   
series nebu-nebu  7/05/2012  Question on series: loved the book, but what is it's real relation to the various incarnations of OMG?  Sorry about the late postin. Effectively the books are consistent with events of the Anime, OVA, and Movie. It differs from parts of the Manga. 
series followup nebu-nebu  07/18/2012  I've heard second in the the Terran(?) series is coming out. When? How big in total?  General release of the first 6 chapters of the second book is scheduled for December. The entire series is planned as 4 books and two prequels.  
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