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New book Setokiba  9/18/2010  I saw a rumor on the boards that Lind is a big part of the next book. True?  Umm, Yes if it happens the way it was originally laid out Lind is in a fair amount of the next book (mostly Keiichi and Belldandy). But it's getting rather big. 
New Book Setokiba  10/28/2010  My monthly interrogation - No big. But seriously take your time...  Umm, it's getting a little out of control, we'll see... 
Not to nitpic but.. Morvo  11/28/2010  That demonic 'helpers' lie outside of the doublet rule and the other deaths I understand. But doesn't Takumi's act in the mountains create some problems?  ... It may indeed... 
new chapters - beta Kilbano  08/01/2012  Thanks for forwarding the chapters of book2 - looks Fantastic (I'm a big B &K fan)  Yes, definitely a central theme of book 2 
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