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Indigo metaphor? Recca  11/08/2010  Sending this question directly to the site rather than email. Don’t think it reveals a major metaphor. My Japanese friend insists there is a hidden reason Takumi calls Urd ‘Indigo’. True?   The first component of indigo in japanese is ‘ai’. You can probably figure out what your friend (and Takumi) really mean by that... 
Favorite scene Talos25  11/28/2010  Urd finding Takumi at the gravesite really made the book for me...   
Not to nitpic but.. Morvo  11/28/2010  That demonic 'helpers' lie outside of the doublet rule and the other deaths I understand. But doesn't Takumi's act in the mountains create some problems?  ... It may indeed... 
Fav scene SaratoaBZA  11/28/2010  Not to be a perv but -- Belldandy crawling toward Keiichi after everyone left to Sea World!  Hmm, I see... 
Corundum ReiSolera  01/03/2011  Think I get it now, the 'corundum' flakes Skuld's referring are actually rubies and saphires Ne?  We would say so. 
Takumi's Mon Osm_Mechina  01/07/2011  Please settle and argument. The mon on Takumi's coat - is that a nod to ANOTHER well know anime?  If by that you mean it's intentionally identical to Jin's - you are right. 
Mon - hate to be out of the loop. Setokiba  01/09/2011   Hate to be out of the loop . . . or display my ignorance but . . . Jin's Mon?  The post refers to the famous Samurai Champloo character Jin. 
Favorite book Rin_Koto  01/12/2011  URD is AWSOME in this! Just what I've been looking for. The best user OMG story Ive seen!!!   
Dumb question Uderasu  01/14/2011  Great story. The place where Takumi travels to - it sounds like a specific place. Is it?  Takkoku no Iwaya and Oyasu Gorge are definitely real places. 
OMG search Kaiyaga  02/01/2011  One question - does this story go ON??  Slowly .  
Japan Kenji Seizumi  03/15/2011  Saw a prior request by this site on another board. Also it seems that a detailed part of the book is located close to the region of Japan devastated by the recent earthquake. Do you know people in that area?  Yes, I did. In Rikuzentakata. I urge all those in a position to help to do so. 
Japan tsunami Setokiba  03/21/2011  Suggestions for the above.  Discussions with those close to the site suggest the Red Cross is still probably the best (for North America) 
The mysterious black stone Karamal  05/15/2011  The black stone Takumi gives Urd. Does it really exist?  As Takumi indicates, Schorl ( a relatively common stone) really has been used to ward off evil due to its piezoelectric properties 
Favorite scene Suzumi  06/01/2011  Urd and Keiichi talking is his shed . . . that scene was really great . . .    
Keiichi and Belldandy Sunset_Star  06/22/2011  Great book but I wish we knew a little more about what happened during Keiichi and Belldandy's afternoon togeter . . .  If book 2 ever gets done . . .  
Fav scenes Katz  07/03/2011  Urd looking east over the ocean, Takumi and Urd practicing over the shore cliffs, Keiichi fighting the demons, Urd facing Hild . . . oh and Urd and Takumi's scene at the grave.   
Sorano Nekochan  09/04/2011  Is Sorano meant to be Lind's blood relative or rather a 'sister in the corp'  Blood relative 
Urd is a badass Cam2Bravo  09/21/2011  I am utterly through being careful . . . you know at that point somebody's going to get burned!   
fav scene Akimo117  10/11/2011  When Urd and Takumi ' fell ' I had tears in my eyes.   
scene Tomya  10/16/2011  I felt the same way when she put her arms around the sphere (with relief!)   
add Soretamu  10/26/2011  Yeah, no one can accuse Urd of not earning her happiness   
question Kimura  11/03/2011  Saw this on another forum of the book and wondered myself - what is corundum (Skuld)?  Expensive aluminum oxide. Sapphires and rubies are forms of corundum. 
question Kimura  11/04/2011  Thanks for replying . . .  Anytime. 
best scene Arno_S  4/03/2012  Urd facing the storm!   
series nebu-nebu  7/05/2012  Question on series: loved the book, but what is it's real relation to the various incarnations of OMG?  Sorry about the late postin. Effectively the books are consistent with events of the Anime, OVA, and Movie. It differs from parts of the Manga. 
series followup nebu-nebu  07/18/2012  I've heard second in the the Terran(?) series is coming out. When? How big in total?  General release of the first 6 chapters of the second book is scheduled for December. The entire series is planned as 4 books and two prequels.  
new chapters - beta Kilbano  08/01/2012  Thanks for forwarding the chapters of book2 - looks Fantastic (I'm a big B &K fan)  Yes, definitely a central theme of book 2 
Question Satsuki  8/18/2012  Is the statue Lind bows to a relative? A companion?  Answered in book 2. 
comment Artemis22  8/28/2012  Not sure if this is the right place for this, can I be posted to the beta list for book 2.  Yes, send email to the address below and you will be updated. 
Book Adamson_K  9/11/2012  Loved the book. I've seen comments on some boards of more to the series. Is this true?  The second book of the series is due out in 2013.  
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