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Keiichi Morisato Tomya  5/15/2010  Do you think Keiichi was aware of Belldany's intentions when she came into his room after talking with Urd?  hard to tell . . . 
Takumi's motives Morisato  5/12/2010  What was Takumi's true aim in attempting to retreive the stone, given that he knew he was outmatched from the outset?  Cash? 
Sorano Seikuban  5/17/2010  What does the name Sorano mean?  .. of the sky is one (very rough) interpretation 
Hild, the CEO of the Demons Kurasau  5/18/2010  Has Hild always been the head of the demon realm?  As far as we know . . . 
Bones CGC42_1  5/10/2010  The part with the scapula was cool . . . when is the rest (edited) coming?  June 
Reality Seeker  6/22/2010  Tell me if I'm crazy - are all these places in the book REAL? It looks like may of them really exist!  Yeah, there real places. Don't go looking for the Seside Residence though . . . 
Reality Seeker  6/23/2010  Sure but wasn't there some ruin close to there, like an old Sea World?  You sound like you know this place intimately - ARE YOU URD!? Seriously someone has already sent me a video on something close to there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5n-rpvX6u4 
scenes Recca  7/4/2010  Want to discuss fav scenes. . . . anyone?  Recca - good but give me a day to think of how to easily do the mask -SJ 
Scenes Amicus  7/4/2010  favorite scene -(no spoil.) 'burned but not gone', if you know what I mean . . .   
Scenes Setokiba  7/4/2010  Belldandy on the ridge . . . nice view   
scenes Tomya  7/5/2010  Urd running to the red maple before the party . . .   
scenes Recca  7/5/2010  Fav scenes - Keiichi and Urd talking in the shed, and Urd receiving her 'present'   
question Keiichi Morisato  7/15/2010  Does Lind's story continue subsqently, or was it an - 'edit out'  There is more to say about Lind in the next book. 
poem Cilo Medori  7/18/2010  I loved Takumi's quote/poem in chapter 8, but can't seem to find it on the net . Can you tell me where it's from?  Yeah. I made it up for the book . 
Dream? Arcander  7/21/2010  OK before people think I'm stupid let me just say I'm 90% sure. But when Takumi met Lind outside the cave, that was a dream right?   Correct (at least for the first part) 
Scenes Northrey  07/27/2010  Favorite scene: When Urd gets the stone, and later when she finds him during obon   
Lind BlueRevy  8/01/2010  The statue which Lind kneels before in Yggdrasil. Is it Belldandy’s mother? If so, what happened to her?  The statue is discussed in book two. 
Lind Kai Ronin  8/03/2010  I am fascinated about the back-story on Lind - she's so cool and collected, but obviously hiding something. What's her background, where did she come from?  (Some) of Lind's life is discussed in book two. 
Lind Recca  08/03/2010  Yeah - noticed like others that many things in the book are based on real places. Is the Valkyrie statue based on something real?  No, its features were just created for the book, but all relate to future aspects of the story. 
LOL Arcender  8/10/2010  I just read the part where Takumi is all concerned about the demons having Urd's mom. Hysterical!   
LOL Suzumi  08/11/2010  I did the same thing when the monk thought he was Fudo-myoo!   
Scene Little Suma  8/16/2010  Favorite line: Hey this isn't Sea World!    
Scenes Kilbano  8/17/2010  Yeah? Mine's where Takumi is all concerned about Urd's mother - The demons have you're MOTHER? LOL!   
Scenes Leyon of the gate  08/22/2010  Really loved that scene by the grave, definitely hope we see more of them.   
New book Setokiba  9/18/2010  I saw a rumor on the boards that Lind is a big part of the next book. True?  Umm, Yes if it happens the way it was originally laid out Lind is in a fair amount of the next book (mostly Keiichi and Belldandy). But it's getting rather big. 
Favs Storm_angel  9/19/2010  Favorite lines (Urd to Bell): NO, I was refering to when you were watching Takumi and I making love (spits out tea).   
Scene contribution Tessdarosa  10/20/10  Urd coming to the gravesite to find Takumi made me cry   
Scenes Suzumi  10/21/10  Yeah Tessdarosa - I'll fess to that! Me too.   
Fav scenes Celo Medori  10/27/2010  ... And Belldany vaporizes the the competition - always a crowd pleaser   
New Book Setokiba  10/28/2010  My monthly interrogation - No big. But seriously take your time...  Umm, it's getting a little out of control, we'll see... 
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